Hey, my name is Brian Teets and I am the owner of Veterans Fence. The fact that you are here is most likely due to the fact that you’re actually doing some homework before hiring a Romulus fence company to put a new wood, vinyl, or chain link fence up on your property. You’re not the type of person who just opens a phone book and calls the company that’s first on the list, and this means you’re a smart consumer who has only so much time available to choose both a fence type and a particular company that you hope will get the job done right the first time.

I’m going to give you a few points on how to get the most for your money. Feel free to use this same standard when evaluating my own company when you call us up for a quote. Let’s get started:

Brian Teets and Family

1) Not All Fence Companies are Created Equal – I’m sure you’ve found out over the course of your life, that the cheapest supplier of pretty much anything is NOT going to give you anything you would even think is made of stern stuff that would last for years. We learned this lesson way back when we were kids and bought stuff from the dollar store. We soon found out that the saying, “a toy is a toy is a toy” is not true. He-Man and Star Wars toys were pretty much indestructible but anything bought from the dollar store was only good for a few days before mom cleverly dropped it into the waste basket while we were sleeping. The same goes for getting a new fence. While it’s true that any Romulus fence company can dig a few holes in the ground, drop some posts, and rig up a line of fence, it is NOT true that they all do this job the right way. We’ve all seen concrete fence posts that appear to “float” 6 to 8 inches above the surface causing the profile of the fence to jack up and down like some connect-the-dots drawing gone wrong. There are things you can do to ensure that this type of episode doesn’t happen for your fence but don’t expect the cheapest guy to go the extra mile to make sure such things are avoided.

2) Do Your Research – wouldn’t it be nice to be able to know for a fact that the Romulus fence company you are looking at doing business with has come through in spades for previous clients? Not many of us has a friend or family member who’s recently had a fence installed and can give you a glowing review so you know which direction to point your ship. So how can you find out if a company has a good track record or not? Here’s a little tip that can help you out with that. Ask the fence company representative for some testimonials. Any fence company that’s been in business for any reasonable length of time should have at least a few customers who’ve sent in a note or letter saying thank-you for a job well done, right? Heck, if the company just sent out a simply follow-up letter to each homeowner after completing the job telling the customer to feel free to call with any fence maintenance tasks in the future, the owner could slip in a simple request that they send back a short testimonial of their overall experience. Yes, people are busy, but more than a few would get sent back each year. Couldn’t the company just make up the testimonials you say? The fact is, most Romulus fence companies are not thinking about getting testimonials. They’re thinking about seeing more people in hopes that a “few will stick” because to them, the entire business is just a numbers game. They’ll be more likely to just not bothering coming back to a “hard sell customer” than they would be to go back to the office, hock together some fake testimonials, and then come back and give them to you.

3) Supplement Your Diet With a Healthy Dose of Patience – most people will put off buying a new fence until the last minute when the old one is falling down or when one of their kids gets sliced open by the rusty chain link and been rushed to the hospital for a tetanus shot. Once the decision has been made to put the fence in and a deposit has been placed, tomorrow isn’t too soon to have the whole project finished. This isn’t very realistic, of course. Permits have to be applied for and receive; weather can wreak havoc not just on your job, but on any installation project that is in line ahead of you; the local supplier of vinyl who makes high-quality vinyl fence material at the lowest price may have a machine go down. A myriad of factors beyond your control or the control of your Romulus fence company can cause a delay in the installation of your new fence.

Don’t wait for someone to get hurt before you call!

Three weeks vacation can blow by and seem like a day-and-a-half, but when you look outside at the old fence every day that same three weeks can seem like three months. If you take a healthy dose of patience early on, you’ll save yourself a good deal of emotional pain and stress. Remember, you really didn’t notice the old fence at all for YEARS except a day or two here and there and things were just fine. Your new fence will soon be installed and it’ll be there for you to look at every day for many years to come. Life really is good, and you have much to be thankful for. Heck, anticipation is half the fun of getting anything new. In our fast-food society we often forget what it was like to wait for Christmas as a child but waiting patiently for your new fence is one of the few things that compares later in life.

I hope you find these three tips for a successful fence purchase to be helpful. I would like for you to give my company a call at 313-381-8530 and let my team have a chance to zip out to your place and talk with you about your project and give you the best price for the best work out there. While we are not the only Romulus fence company out there, after you let Veterans put your new fence in, I’m sure you’ll agree that we’re the best.

Brian Teets