Whether you’re looking for someone to paint your house or put on a new roof, finding the right company for the job can always be a challenge. After all, as a homeowner, it’s not like you sit around all day evaluating quotes on various projects like some government oversight adjuster. In the same fashion, your quest to find the right Northville fence company can be fraught with just as much peril and uncertainty as having a whole-house diesel generator installed. It doesn’t have to be that way though.


My name is Brian Teets. Nearly half-a-century ago my father, Jim, started Veterans Fence Company and I was brought under his wing early on to help him with the family business. I can remember being assigned to run a high-torque post hole digger when little more than a boy and ever since I’ve always been involved in the residential fence business. In fact, a few years back when my dad felt it was time to retire, I bought the business from him and run it to this day. Sure, my dad does come up off the links in Florida a couple times a year and I take advantage of his wise counsel in charting out which direction the company should go in these uncertain economic times, but for the most part, I now rely on the base of experience he helped me lay down years ago.

It is from that base of knowledge that I will now give you a few tips on finding the right Northville fence company to put in your fence properly the first time, and do so at a fair price. Yes, I do hope to earn your business myself, but even if I don’t, after reading this short tutorial you’ll be armed with the knowledge that will enable you to make the best decision where choosing the right fence contractor is concerned.

So let’s get started. The first thing you want to be concerned about when installing a new fence is the time of year. Obviously, since Michigan is set dead center in a temperate climate we have many months in which the ground is frost-bound. Yes, heavy equipment makes it possible to dig up the frozen ground and it is possible to mix various chemicals in with the concrete used to set the fence posts in order to have it go solid in the middle of freezing cold weather, but that’s rarely done other than on commercial projects and most municipalities forbid this practice when installing residential fencing. This means you need to do at least a minimal amount of planning ahead when putting your fence in. Most good Northville fence companies will come out to your property to measure up dimensions and give you a proper quote early in the spring and will continue to do so until the beginning of November. After that, it’s usually too late to pull the necessary permits and get the materials custom manufactured in time to have the fence installed before freeze/thaw deadlines prevent new post holes from being dug.


Rule #2: Know Your Fence Company

After timing, you really need to look into the past performance record of a company. If you know anyone who has used a particular company, say a friend or family member, then spend 10 minutes or so on the phone asking probing questions about the level of service they received as a whole. Don’t just ask how nice the fence looks, but ask how the company sales rep treated them when he came out to give the initial quote. Ask how respectful the crew was who did the actual installation of the fence and ask if they were treated well by the company’s customer service department if they needed to call again after the job was completed for more information or to get a minor detail squared away that wasn’t noticed the day the fence was put in.

A good company should be able to provide references or, better yet, full-blown testimonials from happy customers who were so pleased with the quality of work they receive that they carved out time from their already hectic schedules to send in a few words about how well the job was done and send a word of encouragement. Ask yourself, if a Northville fence company has been in business for years and not a single customer was happy enough to send in card or letter talking about how they were “wowed” once the fence was installed, how great of an organization could they be?

Finally, remember not to get hung up on price. This really shouldn’t be an issue. All of the fence companies in Northville and the surrounding areas get their materials (whether it’s vinyl, wood, or chain link) from a small handful of suppliers. Since there is no Wallside Windows of the fence world who produces their own materials and can thus say “We’re the Factory”, the difference in price due to the cost of materials is going to be almost zero. This means that big swings in price from one company to the next have to be accounted for in other ways. Unfortunately, this usually boils down to nefarious practices such as cutting corners, failing to pull permits, hiring illegal alien workers, hiring people with low experience who tend to make a high number of mistakes, hiring unreliable people who often fail to show up for work but are happy to work for less when they do show up, and the list goes on and on. Any one of these shortfalls can result in the installation of your fence going awry and since mistakes made when digging holes and pouring concrete in the ground are neither easy nor cheap to fix, it’s best to avoid them by going with a first-class Northville fence company that provides quality work. In the fence business, the “cheapest price” is never the “Best Price”.

These three major factors are all that you really need to focus on in order to be on your way to getting your new fence installed properly. If you choose to interview a few fence companies, you should be able to ask for references over the phone and request that copies of testimonials be emailed over to you. At Veterans Fence, we take this seriously and have posted a few basic testimonials on a page specifically set aside for that purpose and we can provide more upon request. Any company that refuses to provide such references should be dismissed outright. There is no reason for an established company to act as if they have something to hide if they, in fact, do not have any such skeletons in their closet. When you choose to only interview the right companies the price issue will take care of itself. Get the right Northville fence company and you can rest assured that your job will be done properly by a courteous installation crew who will not embarrass you in front of your neighbors, will pick up after themselves when they leave, and will bring a new level of style and taste to your home that you probably didn’t think was even possible by a change so simple and often overlooked as getting new fence to frame your home well.  The number to call is 313-381-8530.

Brian Teets