Most people will only have a new fence installed on a home they live in one or two times in their lives. This means that they have very little contact with the industry and know even less about how the average Gibraltar fence company does business. You might think that things are rather straight-forward and regulated like any other home contracting field such as electrical repair or HVAC installation. Unfortunately, if that’s the idea you have about the fencing industry, you’re very much wrong.

Beautiful Decorative Fence in Gibraltar

While many municipalities have some permit requirements for installing a fence on either personal or commercial property, many do not. This lack of regulation means that there is very little accountability in between various Gibraltar fence companies who work in the local area. Furthermore, while installing fencing as a business is not something that is easy to do over the long run, it’s something that is easy to get into. You could send in some sole proprietorship paperwork today via FedEx, rent a post hole digger, get a line of credit at a local commercial building materials supplier and be in business tomorrow. This makes the fence installation business the wild-west of the small contracting industries.

So how can you know that the Gibraltar fence company that you’re working with provides a quality product, great customer service, and proper follow-up? Here are a few things to keep in mind that will go a long way in helping you achieve that goal:

1) Check References – any company that has been in business for more than a handful of years should be able to supply references (if not full-blown testimonials) from happy customers who are willing to share their experience with you. Either ask for two or three previous customers right-off-the-bat when you call and ask for someone to come out and give you a quote so you can call the references up before the rep shows up at your front door, or ask that he bring them along when he stops by. If you choose the later, make sure you don’t make any commitment to buying a fence the same-day as you need to take some time to CALL the references and ask about how their experience with that particular Gibraltar fence company went when they had their fence put in. For this reason, it’s usually best to get the references up-front so if you like the price and style that you are shown, you’ll already know if the company follows through after the deposit is made and you can choose to move ahead with your project instead of waiting a few days.

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2) Look for Professional Behavior – I know from experience that there is a lot of difference in how the team members of one Gibraltar fence company conduct themselves when compared to another. The sales representative is the first contact and most companies who know what they are doing tell their people that the first impression is the only impression. If a particular sales rep seems lazy, disinterested, and has an unpleasant demeanor or appearance, you can be assured that the installation crew will be worse. Try to stick with a company who sends their sales people out in business casual attire and show an attention to their appearance and you’ll likely get the same type of people digging holes in your ground and interacting with your neighbors.

It may seem like a short list, but keeping an eye out like a hawk for these two factors will serve you well in choosing the right Gibraltar fence company. At this point I’d like to say that our company, Veterans Fence, has served this area for over 40 years. My father started the company and has taught me from the time I was a boy that the way you treat people will determine whether you are successful in this business or not. Pricing on fencing between one company or another doesn’t vary much because the costs of materials are pretty much fixed, but the way you treat people goes a long way in determining whether or not they recommend you to family and friends. I always keep this in mind and strive for excellence in every fence project my team takes on. Please give me a call at 313-381-8530 and give me a chance to show you how a fence company should do business. I assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Brian Teets