If you are a Rockwood resident, are looking to get a new fence installed in the near future, and are on the hunt to gather information together about how to best accomplish this goal, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s true that one Rockwood fence company is different from the next and not all are created equal, so doing your homework upfront is a smart decision to make.

Feel free to check out various areas of our site where you’ll find plenty of information, but while you are on this page let me tell you a few things that you may want to consider before you choose one particular Rockwood fence company over another.

1) Location – the current economy has caused many Rockwood fence companies fall upon hard times. It’s no secret that many homeowners in the southeast Michigan area (including Rockwood) have been collectively holding off on making purchases of anything and everything that costs more than a cell phone. This applies double to any purchase revolving around real estate. Many residents harbor doubts as to whether or not they’ll be keeping their home for an extended period of time and this mindset causes them to forgo investing any money in their home as they feel they may not get any return on their investment.

This is, of course, a bad decision that can lead to disastrous safety consequences for a child or a pet, but let’s ignore the fact for the moment. The bottom line is that people are not installing as many fences as they used to which in turn has led the average fence company owner from all across the area to try and expand into other areas of business that they had previously avoided in an effort the find a few more customers each month to meet their quota. This means that a local Rockwood fence company may be attempting to go as far out as Ypsilanti in order to find business, but it also entails that a Ypsilanti fence company may be trying to find work in Rockwood.

It’s a good idea to give some thought to this unusual situation because you don’t want to be the victim when a company based in another county doesn’t come by to install your fence for weeks and weeks after a price for the work has been agreed upon and a check for the deposit has already been cut.

For this reason, it’s best to do business with a Rockwood fence company that works in and around your community each and every day. This one simple, often overlooked measure will go a long way to help ensure your job is completed on time.

2) Rockwood Building Code Standards – obviously, we hope that you’ll choose Veterans Fence Company to install your next fencing system, however, if you decided that another company is better suited, make sure that they know what they are doing where local Rockwood regulations are concerned.

Even a brand-new company who has never done so much as dig a post hole can run ads on TV or in the paper, but that’s not a guarantee that they know the ins-and-outs of dealing with the people at the code enforcement desk like a Rockwood fence company would.

3) Properly Bonded and Insured – you’ll want to make sure that you check to ensure that the Rockwood fence company you choose to go with in order to install your new fence is properly bonded and insured. If a member of an installation crew injures himself while on your property, his company’s coverage should help take care of his lost time, wages, and medical expenses. If this type of coverage was never procured or was allowed to lapse then the worker might just feel that it makes sense to pursue legal action again you, the homeowner, to get the money he feels he’s entitled to.

The traditional chain link fence goes a long way to keeping your family and pets secure and safe at little cost.

At Veterans Fence we’ve always maintained our contractor’s license in good standing in all of the communities that we’ve served as well as all the required insurance coverage to give you that extra peace of mind that we are a local Rockwood fence company that believes that the details really do matter, even if many customers don’t even bother to ask about these types of things. If you ask in advance when first call my team can either send a copy to you in the mail or bring it along when we stop by to provide you with an estimate of cost for getting your new fence set up.
It is my hope that these simple tips have helped you get a good idea of some of the things that you’ll want to consider when choosing a Rockwood fence company. If you want answers to any questions you may have about getting your new fence installed properly (and at the best price), don’t hesitate to call me at 313-381-8530.

Brian Teets