If you’re here reading these words, then it’s probably because you’ve been putting off getting a new fence installed and things have come to a head, maybe even a crisis, and it’s time for you to start looking into having a new fence put into the ground at your home or business. Of course, you do have that daunting task of selecting a good Belleville fence company who won’t botch the job, now don’t you?

Beautiful Cedar Fencing

Fear not! I’m about to bring you good tidings of great joy which will be for all people. Well…at least all the people in Belleville. It IS possible to find a great fence company who will help guide you in making a decision on which type of fence is best for your property and budget, shows up on time to get the job done, and doesn’t leave a mess behind when they move on to the next job site. Here’s how.

The first step to making your new fence look fabulous for years to come, if you don’t live alone, is to sit down and have a discussion with your spouse as to what exactly you want to get out of your new fence. For most of us, a fence is something that just provides a backdrop for our home. Our eyes can often screen it out for years until we realize that it’s a bit rusty and unseemly when compared to everything else on the property. While the old fence was rusting out, everyone in the home has been posting up little mental sticky notes about what type of fence they want to get “when the time comes” and what you have in mind may not be exactly what anyone else in your house has in mind. A good, undistracted sit-down and chat can go along way to uniting expectations and coming to an agreement on what type of fence would be best. With this initial step done, it’s now possible to actually begin your search for the best Belleville fence company.

Before we proceed further, I want to tell you up-front that I’m hoping that you’ll call the number at the top of this page and ask to have one of our top-notch representatives stop by to share some info about “fence stuff’ and give you a quote. That being said, I want you to know that after more than 40 years in business the tips I’m sharing with you on how to pick a great Belleville fence company apply to all. That includes my company, Veterans Fence. It’s important to follow these steps closely so you can avoid some of the pitfalls that many have stumbled into over the years when heading into the process of buying a fence unprepared.

The very first thing you want to do when selecting a fence company is to find out whatever you can about the company’s history. You can do this early on when you first call the company up to ask for a sales representative to come out and give you a quote, or you can wait until that representative comes out so you can see him face-to-face. The most important thing you need to factor into the equation is the length of time that the company has been in business. I’ve seen dozens of little startup “companies” come and go over the years. It seems that people wake up one day and realize that they can send doodle up some quick Sole Proprietor registration paperwork and fax it into the state, rent a post hole digger, and get some chain link fencing from Home Depot and be “in business” the very next day. Rest assured, there is a LOT more that goes into successfully running a fence business than that. Customer service is key and failure to properly communicate with customers is the #1 reason why new companies lose favor in the eyes of the few clients they can round up and this is why they rarely get word-of-mouth sales which are the life-blood of any small contracting business. Most new companies don’t learn this lesson quickly enough and disappear quickly with a string of disappointed customers in their wake. That being said, it’s best to try and go with a company that has a track record of more than 5 years. This timeframe will have given the company enough time to learn the valuable lesson of doing things right and making the customer happy. Feel free to ask about this when you call. Be bold. If you can, get some references or testimonials emailed or faxed over for evaluation, that’s even better.

Next in importance is to pay close attention to the sales representative when he comes out. If the rep is kind, courteous, and professional then the crew will most likely be as well. A good Belleville fence company will invest a lot of time and effort in getting both their sales teams and installation teams to understand that people place a great, but unspoken, price on kindness. If you don’t see the signs of common professional courtesy from Day One, it will more than likely only get worse from there once the company has a deposit in hand.

If you have done some research into the company and have talked with the representative a bit about your ideas for your fence project, you should have a good general feeling about the company itself and then it’s time to proceed to the fence selection process. It’s important to remember three things when looking for a new fence: Style, Purpose, and Price. Let’s dig into each of these in a bit more detail…

Unique, Artisitc Fence Design

1) Style – the looks of the fence itself is, of course, important to everyone. Have you ever seen a beautiful picture hung in an ugly or cheap frame? It kinda ruins the effect, doesn’t it? Well, your fence is the frame of your house and grounds. A good frame can go a long way in enhancing the overall beauty of your home. Higher-end fencing like cedar and vinyl come in a variety of styles and are great tools for property enhancement and can even boost the value of your home due to the greater curb appeal. 

That being said, when driving through certain neighborhoods, it becomes obvious that chain link fencing is the norm. In these types of places, a clean, nice-looking chain link fence is often best, as privacy fences can appear to stand out like a sore thumb and create a sense of confusion when the home is looked at from the road. That is why the next factor always trumps style when it comes to the selection process.

2) Purpose – the purpose of your fence is the most important factor in the fence selection process. Choosing the right type of fence will go a long way in helping you achieve both your spoken and unspoken hopes and objectives for your new fence. If you are mostly concerned about enclosing your yard so your kids and pets are contained, but keeping the price down is a major factor, a high-quality chain link fence will last for years, meet your needs and provide the highest level of all-around satisfaction. If, however, your creepy neighbor keeps coming over to the fence to talk to you whenever you are in the backyard working in your garden and you just want a little bit of peace and quiet, well then a good privacy fence (whether wood or other material) is going to be essential. A reputable Belleville fence company will be willing to talk with you about things such as this to make sure they are recommending the right fence for the application.

3) Price – we all work hard for our money and in these confusing economic times it’s more important than ever to make sure that we get the most for every dollar that we spend. Know up-front that higher-end fencing costs more. That’s a given. Don’t expect to get a vinyl fence for the price of a wood fence and don’t expect to get a wood fence for the price of a chain link fence. The good news, though, is that all of the local Belleville fence companies get their materials from the same handful of providers, so the difference in overall price for you, the customer, is not going to be impacted much by the cost-of-materials because that is pretty much fixed between companies. This being the case, you’ll quickly find that most quotes for similar fence types will be within 5% to 10% of each other. Since this is such a small amount, your focus should always be on the reputability of the company since mistakes and let downs that come from people failures can incite long delays and cost overruns that can easily eclipse any savings gleaned by going with the cheapest guy in town.

Now that you are armed with a certificate in “Fenceology” you are ready to start on your adventure to getting that new fence installed. Again, please give me a call at 313-381-8530 and I’ll have a member of my team come out and talk with you about your project, measure up the dimensions, and give you the best quote in the industry. I did say “Best” and not “Cheapest”. With nearly half-a-century of fence building experience, I truly feel that we are a different type of Belleville fence company that brings a lot to the table that cannot be expressed with a few figures on a pad of paper. When we stop by, and you see how we carry ourselves, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Brian Teets