Are you interested in having a new fence installed? Are you wondering which Melvindale fence company would be the best one to go with if you want to get the best price for the best product and service? You’re not alone. Every year hundreds of people in the area realize that it’s time to get a new fence. Unfortunately, because buying a fence isn’t the type of thing anyone does more than a few times in their lifetime, it’s not easy to know how to get the best deal. And unlike buying an appliance online, there’s not going to be many review sites that will tell you about why one type of fence is better than another like there are sites telling you why one stove is better than another.

Here are a few tips.  Think about what you want from a fence in advance. This is one aspect of the fence buying process which a good Melvindale fence company can’t do for you. If you just want to have your yard enclosed to keep kids and pets in and keep pets and varmints out, then a chain link fence will probably work. If you have a pool going in, and you don’t want the neighbors sitting on his back porch staring at your 10-year-old daughter and her friends while they are jumping in the pool, you might need a privacy fence. A general rule of thumb is that the more you expect your fence to do for you, the more it’s going to cost.

Once you have a good picture in your mind of what the fence needs to do, walk out to your yard and think about what it would look like wrapped in your new fence. Residential fencing is broken down into three main types based on material: chain link, cedar, and vinyl. Let’s talk about the good and bad features of each of these types:

Plan ahead and getting your new fence installed will be a breeze.

Chain Link – this type of fence is the most common perimeter fencing seen across America today. Both the posts and the actual fencing material are made from galvanized steel. This means that it is very resistant to moisture and won’t rust for many, many years. This type of fence is inexpensive to install and – because most Melvindale fence companies (including ours) keep plenty of this type of fencing on-hand – you can get it installed rather quickly without any significant material workup delay. This type of fencing offers no privacy from the neighbors which is good if like talking to your neighbor over the fence every now and then, and bad if you like to have a bit more seclusion at your home.

Cedar – most treated wood fences that we install are full privacy projects. They extend from the ground to about 6 ft. high and block pretty much all lines-of-sight save those coming from a second-story window. These types of fences are more expensive to install, and even though the wood is treated, don’t last as long as either chain link or vinyl fencing. Eventually, the posts will begin to wear right at the ground level where the rain constantly splashes up against the posts during each and every storm, wearing away at the wood. The good thing is that this usually doesn’t happen for a long, long time. When a post does go, it’s usually only one or two every five years or so, and these are easy to replace without replacing the entire fence. Most Melvindale fence companies offer installation of these types of fences and because the cost is low, they remain the most popular privacy fence out there.

Vinyl – since it’s introduction to the residential fence market years ago, vinyl fencing has enjoyed a good bit of favor from homeowners coast-to-coast. Early versions of the vinyl fencing used to fade, especially if it was a white fence, but advances in materials science have made this an issue of the past. While white still remains the most popular color choice, you can order vinyl fencing in black, tan, green, brown, and clay colors. The fence material itself has to be produced to order, so it takes a little while longer to get your fence finished up once the order has been submitted. All-in-all, vinyl fencing offers the most variety of choice where fencing is concerned. Full-privacy is the norm, but semi-privacy and other styles are available from most well-stocked Melvindale fence companies as well.

Now these little guys will be safe.

Remember, it’s up to you to install whatever type of fence you feel is best for your home and family budget. We don’t discriminate between customers who want to have a simple dog run installed vs. those who want to have a whole-house vinyl fence put in like some other Melvindale fence companies. When my father Jim started Veterans Fence Company over 40 years ago, he taught me that everyone deserves good customer service. Give us a call at 313-381-8530 and give us a chance to show you why this driving principle has kept the phone ringing year after year as friends tell family which, in turn, tell even more friends and family. The process keeps going because we know that you won’t let us down if we don’t let you down.

Brian Teets