We know you have many things in mind when searching for the best Ann Arbor fence company to complete your project. People don’t take the time or invest the money of putting up a fence for nothing. After more than 40 years in business serving Ann Arbor and other southeast Michigan communities, we at Veterans Fence know that there is no such thing as a “little job” where installing a fence is concerned.

A lot of local fence companies in the Ann Arbor area seem to forget this. There is a focus on just installing large, vinyl privacy fences that wrap the whole yard and anything less is put at the bottom of the pile. The founder of the company, Jim Teets, has never held such a belief. Back when he was training his sons as apprentice fence builders, he placed an emphasis on installing traditional chain link fencing.


Quality Fencing for Ann Arbor Homeowners

“Boys,” he would say, “it’s usually the woman-of-the-house who is driving to have a fence put in and her #1 concern is making sure that her tykes and the little dog she just gave them stay in the right place, secure from harm.”

Since Brian Teets bought the company from his father years ago, he has seen the expectations of those living in the Ann Arbor area rise over the years. Style, durability, and easy maintenance have made the privacy fence a top pick for local residents. That being said, he has made a point never to forget that being kind in word, courteous of the customer and their neighbors when performing a fence install, and quick to address any concern are more important in the minds of those looking for a new fence than the color or material ever could be.

If you look around this site, you’ll quickly see that Veterans is a full-service Ann Arbor fence company that has experience in designing and installing a full array of fence products for a myriad of different applications. From chain link to cedar, from vinyl to rod iron all of these types of projects have been successfully tackled in the past and many satisfied customers have gone back to Veterans over the years for all of their fence installation needs.

The team that Brian employs pledge to respect your time, listen to you patiently as you explain in detail your vision for exactly how you want your new fence installed, and will give you the best value on your project bar none.

Notice that the term “best value” was used here. Not “cheapest”. As you can probably agree from past experience, going with the cheapest version of anything is usually a bad idea. Other Ann Arbor fence companies operate on idea that they can only compete with older, better established and reputable companies such as Veterans by offering dangerously low prices.

Yes, I said “dangerously” low. How is this dangerous? To put very simply, much of the expense where installing fencing is concerned is related to the cost of materials. Pretty much all fence companies in the southeast Michigan area, from Ann Arbor to Grosse Ile, buy their materials from a small group of suppliers. That being the case, there is no way to bring the cost of materials down because there is no fence company that has decided to go the way of Wallside Windows and “become the factory”. The only way then, to bring prices down is to cut corners. Either you have to hire low-quality workers who have little responsibility and obligation in their lives and thus can work for just enough money to pay for some cheeseburgers and fund their monthly Xbox Live membership, or you end up skipping out on necessary local permits which puts you at risk that the job won’t be done to the proper standards, or you get hodge-podge service where a job may be started on a Monday by digging holes for posts, but not finished for another 3 weeks while the company tries to tie up loose ends on previous jobs so they can get paid. Whichever way you look at it, there is a very real “cost” associated with going with the cheapest provider in town which is why we say some quotes are “dangerously” low. It is our sincerest desire to provide the greatest overall experience in both the design, installation, and long-term enjoyment of your fence at the best price when all factors are weighed in the balance.

If you like the idea of working with a reputable Ann Arbor fence company who takes their work seriously and is run by a man who believes that age-old rule of “love your neighbor as yourself”, then give Brian Teets a call at 313-381-8530.